What is a CUBIDOOO?

Cubidooo is hightech for your daily life: cube-shaped and very easy to use! Cubidooo is a cube that is equipped with a NFC-(„Near Field Communication“) chip on 5 out of 6 sides.

With NFC-compatible devices (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet-PC, Laptop) a number of actions can be triggered – and YOU YOURSELF can programm them in just a few steps!

This latest development of the designer Mario Kozuh-Schneeberger is designed to create an easy to use connection between products of daily use and online-shops, websites, etc.

With Cubidooo you can manage your orders (groceries, Pizza, electrical appliances, etc.) with the speed of a rolling dice!

Cubidooo is the ideal connection between companies and customers and a true win-win situation for both sides: With Cubidooo, the customer gets the ordered product as quickly as possible and the linked company a completely satisfied customer who surely orders again.